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Product of origin

– Vietnamese hair

  1. Pattern
    – Natural straight hair
    – Deep waves
    – Body waves
  2. Quality
  • high quality vietnamese hair
  • Raw vietnamese hair.
  • Enable to be bleched and dyed well for natural straight hair.

– For wavy hair: it’s quite long and I don’t know how to write it concise so let me give u an explaination the u can revise it yourself 😂:
“For the wavy hair:
– The hair will keep good curl after washing and drying in the right way (u can learn on youtube a lot. they can guide u how to wash the hair and how to dry it to keepe the curl if need)
– Enable to be bleached and dyed. However u should only bleach it to dark brown tone.

The reason is the texture, I mean the waves, was generate after a hot steam process. The hair, especially the tips, were weakwe than natural straight hair.

So if it is lifted too high tone color, it can be loosed the texture and dry”

– Enable to use hot iron straightener to straighten the hair or to curl by hot iron tool.

– All the products are hand cafting ones with a particularistic process from selecting hair materials to wefting and ventilating lace closures/frontals.

– Lace closures and frontals are using Hd lace which will fit well with user skin.
– Our lace closures and frontals can bring natural looking for user bu ventiliate single knots for the front of lace and normal knots for the other part of the lace.

4. Tips to take care the hair well:
– Using conditioner and serum or oild to take care the hair is an important step to keep the texture and the quality in the best status

– For wavy hair, the first or second time when u brush or wash the hair, u might see hair shedding a bit.
Don’t worry because we was remove almost shedding strands carefully before making curl.
The shedding strands u might see just come from weak strands after hot steam process.
after the 1 to 2 washing time, u will see the fall off amount become normal as our real hair.


Natural Black


8" 5×5 HD lace closure, 10" 5×5 HD lace closure, 12" 5×5 HD lace closure, 14" 5×5 HD lace closure, 16" 5×5 HD lace closure, 18" 5×5 HD lace closure, 20" 5×5 HD lace closure, 22" 5×5 HD lace closure, 24" 5×5 HD lace closure, 26" 5×5 HD lace closure, 28" 5×5 HD lace closure, 30" 5×5 HD lace closure


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